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How To Play Keno Game

The Keno game is mainly a game of chance, where the player buys the card and chooses several numbers that after being drawn can allow him to win the prize in play. This game is very famous all over the world and you can find it in both online casinos and traditional casinos. Its popularity was mainly due to the low price of the card and the huge value of the premiums paid. Still, there are several types of Keno and you need to understand the differences between them. Straight Tour Tickets, This is the common way to play keno in which each card contains 80 numbers and the player's task is to choose several numbers, usually between 2 to 10.

After this the casino will draw 20 numbers, one by one, and the player wins the prize according to the number of numbers in which it was matched. The amount paid for the number of matches in your card may vary from casino to casino. Always check the paytable before you start playing. Split Tickets, This type of ticket is special because with just one ticket you can play two or more Keno games. The player will mark different numbers differently, thus creating groups of numbers. Each of these groups will be for a different type of Keno. You can not select the same number more than once. This special ticket does not increase your chances of winning, it only simplifies if you play multiple Keno games simultaneously.

Combination Ticket, This ticket gives you the possibility to play in a single ticket several different Keno games. That is, it is very similar to the split tickets, however, the big difference lies in the fact that in the combination ticket, the player can combine several groups of numbers to make more bets. King's Tickets, In this type of ticket the player must select a special number, called "king". If you match that number, the payment will be much higher than normal. Always check the paytable before you start playing, since the payout amount for the King can vary greatly from casino to casino.

In addition to the different types of tickets, there are also two ways, already mentioned above, of playing Keno. You can play Keno in the traditional casino, where you find Keno tickets / paper tickets and it will be the player himself to see if they match his numbers and whether he is the winner or not. Already in the online casino, the player has many more advantages. Here the games are much faster and the casino automatically sees if there is correspondence with the numbers drawn. That is, if you are the big winner, in the online casino the software warns you of this fact, automatically depositing the prizes in your account.

Playing Keno online is easy enough, many times, just choose "numbers" and click play. The game unfolds automatically and in the end shows you the gains obtained. It's because it's so simple that many people love Keno, but one of the big reasons for the popularity of this game is the huge prize values. In online casinos, the price per ticket (play) tends to be quite low and the prize to be quite high. Keno is considered a game of chance, just like bingo, but if it is your lucky day you can make lots of money. The odds of this game may not be the best, but the fun and hope of being the great winner makes this game very ambitious.

Some of the Keno games in online casinos also offer jackpots with large amounts of money, and it is even more exciting. Keno can no doubt be an addictive game like any other, so it is essential that you have responsibility and awareness when playing. Despite being so simple, Keno is a great game to have a good time without having to think hard and who knows how to raise a good amount of money. Dare and good bets! According to official rules of Keno, the game must be made with a card that includes 80 numbers to choose. To play, the bettor selects the numbers (also called "spots") for which he wants to bet and expects the lucky to take the numbers that make him a winner.

The more numbers you choose the greater the prize for which you compete. But you have to keep in mind that the more numbers you choose, the greater the difficulty that the ticket you have is awarded. Types of cards, To learn how to play Keno correctly, you must know the types of cards available, Game keno icon Normal cards When you play with normal cards, you select the numbers you want on the Keno card and wait for them to come out. Normally, it is possible to bet between 1 and 15 numbers , but some casinos allow you to bet up to 20 numbers with normal cards.

When you play with a Way card, bet by several groups of numbers on the same Keno card, this being the most complex Keno bet. To begin, you have to decide the number of combinations of numbers of the groups that you have chosen to bet on them. Then, you must count the bets made according to the fractions that you place to the right of the betting field. The strategy in Keno Online is to accept that choosing numbers or others does not influence the development of the game, but the chances of winning are the same. Despite this assertion, it must be taken into account that the number of numbers chosen greatly influences the results, so it is advisable to have an adequate strategy regarding the number of numbers to choose in each round.